Quienes somos ?

Welcome to Pickleball Eurosphere

We are Astrid Escandell and Franck Siano, passionate players, we discovered pickleball in 2016. At the beginning, we were looking for a sport that we could practice as a family with our two children Lycia and Eros, starting at the same level. From our first attempts, we loved playing, got involved in the local association, started participating in a few European tournaments and then convinced some of our friends and family to join us. As time went by, we became more and more demanding about the equipment, which was hard to get... that's when the idea of Pickleball Eurosphere came to us!

To us, the game is more than just a sport, it's a way of life.

With the help of Laurie Kaczmarek and Mathias Lassfolk who have since moved on to new adventures, we founded the company with the mission of providing European pickleball players and clubs with quality equipment that enables them to play at their best, offering a wide range of products, including paddles, balls, nets, accessories...

In addition to our commitment to various missions related to the development of the sport, we are always ready to answer your questions and eager to help you find the pickleball equipment you need to improve your game and enjoy your passion.

We believe that pickleball is an accessible sport for everyone, and we are happy to contribute to its growth and popularity by engaging with the pickleball community and supporting clubs and event organisers.