Franck SIANO (The Fervent one) and Mathias LASSFOLK (The Bearded one) European pickleball players.

Our Goal ?

To give access to a large choice of products to European pickleball players and thus allow the sport to develop.

Our Ambitions ?

To have even more choices to offer you to allow you to fully accomplish your sport.

Your sport !

At once explosive, strategic and fun, pickleball is your racquet sport coming straight from the United States and is booming in many European and Asian countries.

In order to fulfill your needs and meet your demand as a European player, we offer you all the equipment you need : paddles, balls, accessories and nets.

With simple rules, the game is easy to learn. It is played with a paddle and a drilled plastic ball, indoors or outdoors on a court the size of a badminton court with a net at close to waist height. You can play doubles or singles, regardless of your age and skill level.