Spark Elite

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The Spark Elite is perfect for beginners and advanced players.
It is a high quality racquet with stylish graphics and the famous Head logo.


The Spark Elite paddle is perfect for beginners and advanced players.

Made with Head's optimized tubular core, Ergo grip, and solid composite hitting surface, the shape of this paddle maximizes the sweet spot and therefore your ability to put the ball where you want it.

The 8.1 ounce weight helps give the ball a solid hit with power and also provides the necessary touch on the non-volley line.

A high quality paddle with stylish graphics offered with the famous Head logo.

Head Spark Elite

Ficha técnica

230 gr / 8.1 oz
Grip Circumference : Medium
10.80 cm / 4 1/4"
Grip Style
Confort grip
Grip Length
12.70 cm / 5"
Padlle Length
40.64 cm / 16"
Paddle Width
20.00 cm / 7 7/8"
Paddle Face
Fiberglass Composite
Paddle Thickness
13 mm / 0.51"
Edge guard
1/4" Overlapping Paddle Face
Core Material
Polymer core

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