Bantam TS-5 Pro

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Reaching a whole new level of performance, the new Bantam TS-5 Pro, using Paddletek's revolutionary Pro core creates a larger and more consistent sweet spot, allowing you to be ready to return any shot! The new Pro Core is thicker than the previous TS-5, the increased thickness of the core distributes the ball's impact energy more evenly, improving the paddle's playability over the entire surface.

Both grip size and weight of the TS-5 Pro can be customized. With these options, there's room for a wider variety of players, so whether you want a lighter paddle for more speed or heavier for more power, or you prefer a thinner handle for smaller hands or a larger handle for comfort, you'll have the best option for your needs.

The new TS-5 Pro model is equipped with a torsional vibration control system to improve the size of the sweetspot across the entire surface and help you hit off-center shots. The TS-5 Pro has a textured hybrid fiberglass surface with a UV coating to prevent degradation and discoloration of the surface. The pattern is on a black background, covered with Paddletek's "P".

A fast and customizable paddle, the Bantam TS-5 Pro will give you all the versatility you need to win point after point.


/ Midweight (7.3 - 8.3 oz)
7.6 - 8.0 oz
Grip Circumference - Small
4 1/8"
Grip Circumference - Large
4 3/8"
Grip Style Small
High Tack
Grip Style Large
Perforated Cushion
Grip Length
4 3/4"
Padlle Length
Paddle Width
7 7/8"
Paddle Face
Textured Fiberglass Epoxy Hybrid UV Coated
Paddle Thickness
Edge guard
1/8" Overlapping Paddle Face
Core Material
Polymer Honeycomb

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