Pro Flight Ovation

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Packed full of amazing features, the Kinetic Pro Flight Ovation Pickleball paddle will push you to new heights of speed and control.

The Ovation version of the Flight paddle has a unique shape, the Oval. As such the point of impact of the paddle is in the center of the oval shape, making it perfect for former tennis players who like to watch the ball hit right in the middle of the paddle face. The oval shape also results in a slightly handle-heavy paddle.

For the face, ProKennex has implemented a new Diamond Frost coating that offers longer contact and increased surface texture for more spin. The Air-O-Guard protective bumper is fully replaceable, so if it ever gets scratched, you can simply change one piece and not buy a new paddle.

Tungsten-filled chambers in the ProKennex exclusive Kinetic system help prevent injury and reduce shock.  It's ideal for avoiding pickleball elbow and enjoying longer, painless games.

This is a dynamic pickleball paddle that is not only comfortable to use, but also ideal for high level play.

Scheda tecnica

7.1 - 7.6 oz
Grip Circumference - Thin
Grip Style
Cushion Grip
Grip Length
Padlle Length
Paddle Width
Paddle Face
Carbon with Diamond Frost Surface Texture
Edge guard
Replaceable Air O Guard
Core Material
Cloud Cell Poly Honeycomb

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