V730 Max

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Vulcan V730 MAX, a balanced and technologically advanced paddle.

Grip size
Disponible en un plazo aproximado de 20 días laborables

Vulcan V730 MAX, a balanced and technologically advanced paddle.

The Vulcan V730 MAX paddle measures 16 3/4" long, and averages 8.0 oz with a 13mm thick core. The handle length is 4 3/4" with an average circumference of 4 1/4", and is wrapped in Vulcan's textured grip

The Vulcan V730 MAX paddle was developed in collaboration with Tyler Loong. It combines all the technological advantages of the Vulcan V700 series. Control and stability are provided from the outside in, thanks to Vulcan's proprietary 7-layer V-Skin face construction.

The paddle is reinforced with TeXtreme carbon fiber "V-Struts" that extend from the top corners and the base is also reinforced with Vulcan's Dura-Flex material which eliminates breakage at the most flexible point in a pickleball paddle.

Vulcan V730 Max

Ficha técnica

221 - 232 gr / 7.8 - 8.2 oz
Grip Circumference : Medium
10.70 cm / 4 7/32"
Grip Style
Textured, light-tack grip
Handle Length
12.07 cm / 4 3/4"
Paddle Length
42.55 cm / 16 3/4"
Paddle Width
17.78 cm / 7"
Paddle Face
V-Skin (Carbon-Glass Thermoplastic Composite)
Paddle Thickness
13 mm / 0.51"
Core Material
StateraCore™ Polypropylene Honeycomb

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