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New innovations to the ProKennex lineup include the Kinetic Pro Flight Speed Pickleball paddle with its focus on speed, placement and improved durability. It utilizes a new core that is designed to reduce the weight of the paddle by increasing spacing in the honeycomb design. The exclusive Diamond Frost coating on the surface delivers tons of spin while resisting wear. Finally, the original Air-O-Guard system provides a fully replaceable protective frame, which allows players to change a single piece rather than having to discard the entire paddle if it gets scratched.

There are two shapes of ProKennex Kinetic Flight paddles available, and this Speed Shape is rectangular with a conventional size and width. . The Flight series paddles ar more lightweight than the previous lineup. Players will appreciate the increased speed and maneuverability.

This paddle is ideal for reducing overuse injuries and pickleball elbow, as it uses the manufacturer's renowned kinetic system that uses tungsten filled chambers to evenly diffuse energy across the surface. Its well-defined, square edges are for those who appreciate as much surface area as possible.

This innovative Kinetic Pro Flight Speed Pickleball paddle is an excellent control paddle with less risk of injury.

Data sheet

7.3 - 7.6 oz
Grip Circumference - Thin
Grip Style
Cushion Grip
Grip Length
Padlle Length
Paddle Width
Paddle Face
Carbon with Diamond Frost Surface Texture
Edge guard
Replaceable Air O Guard
Core Material
Cloud Cell Poly Honeycomb

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